Wedding Insurance

Why Couples Should Invest in Wedding Insurance! : A wedding is a landmark occasion in a couple’s life which, more often than not, incurs sizeable expenses. While nobody likes to think about things that could go wrong on a special day, investing some time in measuring the odds and getting covered against risks could be highly beneficial. Latin Manharlal Insurance Broking

Latin Manharlal Insurance Broking offers wedding insurance policies, among other products. These policies are designed to protect couples from losses that may occur due to unforeseen events causing damage at or to their wedding. LM insurance experts help individuals and couples identify, evaluate and more importantly customized and structure their wedding insurance plan thus ensuring that ‘I do’ is the only thing they have on their mind for a joyous present and happy future.

In a conversation with us, Hetvi Shah of the Latin Manharlal Group shares all about wedding insurance and the reason why more and more couples are signing up for it.

Why should one get their wedding insured? In India, weddings can be an expensive affair, and people may look at wedding insurance as an added cost. What do you have to say to them?

“While it may sound paradoxical, the reason why couples should spend a little more and get their nuptials insured is that weddings in India are such an expensive affair. Getting insurance relieves them of the worry about the deposits they have paid. The policies are designed to take care of their money and assets in case an undesirable and/or unforeseen circumstance occurs. Not only does this secure their investments, but also a way to ensure that they are focused only on enjoying the momentous occasion.”

What are some of the things that a wedding insurance policy covers?

“Just like every wedding, each policy is unique and customized keeping in mind the needs and priorities of the couple who will benefit from it. Policies cover a wide variety of situations such as event cancellation or postponement, damage to venues included under the policy, an accident of the bride, groom or close blood relatives, burglary at the residence of the insured and so on. A wedding policy can be customized to suit each couple’s needs and there is a wide range of items that can be insured.”

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