Suraksha Kawach


"SURAKSHA KAWACH" is a Concept, initiated by Latin Manharlal Group to Create Awareness towards Wealth Protection. It helps to understand various possible risks, an individual & his family can be exposed to and how to mitigate those risks by opting for suitable Insurance cover.

We all work hard to take care of financial responsibility of our family. We do investments to fulfill our future needs & create Wealth to support our retirement. In fact, majority of people neglect to build a SHIELD around their Investments. In case of any unfortunate event in the family, the entire investment planning is disturbed.

Life Insurance: Shield against the risk of early death of earning member of family.

Health Insurance: Shield against hospitalisation expenses due to medical emergency in the family.

Home Insurance: Shield against the risk of natural & man made calamities to your home & contents.

Critical Illness Insurance: Shield against the risk of critical illness. Fixed benefits on detection of covered critical illness.

Personal Accident Insurance: Shield against the risk of disability or death due to an accident.

Emergency Fund: It works as a tool for generating contigency corpus in case of unforseen emergency. If not utilized, one can look at eithr as return of insurance premium paid on additional corpus for retirement.