Life Insurance

INSURANCE : We all work hard to take care of Financial Responsibility of our family. We also do Investments to fulfill our future needs & create Wealth to support our retirement. We must not forget that , Risks and Uncertainties are integral part of our life. We all are exposed to various Risks such as early death, accident, critical illness, hospitalization, theft, natural disaster, etc. Risk causes Worry & Fear. In today’s scenario, we all need to prepare for Risks before they happen and identify those Risks select an effective tool to mitigate those risks. Insurance is a Risk Management Tool. One can transfer the Risk and Financial responsibilities by way of Insurance.

LIFE INSURANCE : Losing someone near & dear one is a traumatic experience that only time can heal. One has to protect adequately to ensure future basic needs & goals for the Family against any unfortunate event. Life Insurance is the key & foundation for planning to secure Family's financial well-being. In present times, proper risk cover is of almost importance that cannot be ignored, compromised or postponed. Life Insurance ensures that a certain amount of money is paid to the insured or his/her beneficiary upon an unfortunate event such as death of the insured. Life insurance policy is a contract typically between an individual (called the insured) and the insurance company (called the insurer), where the insurance company promises to pay a sum of money to the insured's nominee, in the event of the insured's death.


  • Risk Hedging
  • Risk free Investment option
  • Tax saving

Life Insurance Solutions with LM

  • Understanding Customer Needs
  • Offer need base solution for Insurance
  • Qualified & Experienced Team to handle your Claims
  • Renewals Reminder & Collection Services to customer
  • TERM INSURANCE / TERM PLAN: A Term Insurance policy provides a pure life risk coverage for a specified period of time in exchange for a premium. The purpose is to provide a high coverage at reasonable cost. The sum assured is payable only if the policyholder dies within the policy term. In this type of policy, there is no element of savings or return on investments. It provides 100 % risk cover. Policy holder forfeits the amount if he outlives the period of the policy. This Policy has the lowest premiums compared to other policies in the market, without return of premium.
  • WHOLE LIFE POLICY: As the name suggests, this plan offers Life protection during entire life of a policy holder. Under this plan, the policyholder pays regular premiums until his death or the age specified in the respective policy, the sum assured is payable to his/her family in case of an unfortunate death of the policy holder.
  • ENDOWNMENT POLICIES:In this plan, the sum assured is payable even if the insured survives the policy term. Generally at the end of the policy term, the policy holder receives sum assured plus the accrued / guaranteed bonus declared during the policy term, provided all insurance premiums are paid. In case of unfortunate death of policy holder during the tenure of the policy, the sum assured along with the accumulated bonus that policy offers is paid to the family of the policy holder. This plans are suitable for people who do not need High Life cover but want to generate long term Savings.
  • MONEY BACK POLICY: These policies are structured to provide a portion of sum assured amount at regular intervals depending upon the policy term. On survival the balanced of the sum assured is payable. In case of death, the full sum assured is payable to the family of the insured. The premium is payable for a particular period of time. Suitable for Savings oriented people who need money at regular intervals.
  • ANNUITIES AND PENSIONS POLICY: In this plan, the insurer agrees to pay the insured a stipulated sum of money periodically. The purpose of an annuity is to protect against risk as well as provide money in the form of pension at regular intervals. Suitable for people who want a monthly pension after retirement
  • CHILD POLICY: The purpose of this plan is to take care of educational needs of children in case of an unfortunate death or disability of the parent. The plan can be taken by a parent on his or her own life. Benefits under the plan are payable at pre specified durations. Such plans usually offer premium waiver facility in case of any unfortunate event happens with parent.
  • SINGLE PREMIUM POLICY: This plan gives flexibility any individual to get life risk cover for the stipulated term by paying only one premium. These policies are best suited to individuals who want to make short term investment in order to receive tax benefit.
  • UNIT LINKED POLICY: The primary purpose of such plans is to create long term wealth, along with life coverage during the policy terms. Under this plans, a part of the premium goes towards life coverage and a part in investments whereby units are allocated to the policyholder which have a NAV, similar to mutual funds . These policies are essentially linked with share market fluctuations. The policy holder have choice of secting asset class for investments.
  • KEYMAN POLICY: The primary purpose of this policy is to protect the organization. Insurance is taken on the Key Persons of an organization who contributes significantly to the profits of the organization and the loss due to their absence can seriously affects the functioning of the organization. The premium payer is the employer, the life to be insured is that of the employee and the benefit, in case of a claim, goes to the employer.
  • Features:
    • Only Term Insurance can be taken under Keyman Policy.
    • In case of death of a keyman the firm gets money to cope up with the loss.
    • Any company buying keyman insurance for its employee can claim a deduction for the premium paid for the policy as a business expense under Section 37(1) of the Income Tax Act.
  • GROUP TERM INSURANCE POLICY:Group (term) Insurance Scheme is meant to provide life insurance protection to groups of people. Under Group (Term) Insurance Scheme, life insurance cover is allowed to all the members of a group subject to some simple insurability conditions without insisting upon any medical evidence. Scheme offers covers only on death and there is no maturity value at the end of the term.
  • EMPLOYER - EMPLOYEE POLICY: The purpose of this Policy is to provide extra benefits to retain employees. Under this policy, the premium is paid by the Company and the tax benefits are also enjoyed by the company.

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